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The Meat Business - Devouring a Hungry Planet


Meat BusinessThe theme running through this collection of essays is that food quality and human health, the welfare of animals and the methods of farming, and the quality of the environment, go hand-in-hand.

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Note by Geoff Tansey

Introduction by Joyce D'Silva

Part I Conflicting Visions
The Absurdity of Modern Agriculture: From Chemical Fertilizers and Agropoisons to Biotechnology - Jose A Lutzenberger and Melissa Halloway
Intensive Farming and Biotechnology: Saving People and Wildlife in the 21st Century - Dennis T Avery

Part II Whose Path to Follow?
American Agriculture's Ethical Crossroads - Michael W Fox
Future Agriculture: Giant or Gentle? - Christine Townend
Barons of the New Millennium - John Vidal

Part III Animal Welfare
Why I Do Not Eat Meat - Chris Mullin
An Agenda for Reform: Farm Animal Welfare in the European Union - Mark F Watts
Campaigning for Change in the European Union - Philip Lymbery
Farm Animal Welfare in Central and Eastern Europe - Janice H Cox
Factory Farming and the Meat Industry in India - Maneka Gandhi

Part IV Human Well-being
Feeding the World a Healthy Diet - Geoffrey Cannon
Towards a Sustainable Food Policy - Tim Lang

Part V Farming Threats and Opportunities
Genetic Engineering and the Threat to Farm Animals - Joyce D 'Silva
Genetic Engineering and Food Security - Julie Sheppard
The Global Contribution of Organic Farming - Patrick Holden
Beyond the Killing Fields: Working Towards A Vegetarian Future - Mark Gold

Part VI Trade, Welfare and Values
Trade Rules, Animal Welfare and the European Union - Peter Stevenson
Penalizing the Poor: GATT, WTO and the Developing World - Vandana Shiva
Sustainable Agriculture's Friend and Foe: the WTO - Hugh Raven
Multilateral Investment: an Agreement Too Far - Barry Coates
Human Values and World Trade- Atherton Martin

Where do we go from here? Joyce D'Silva

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Compassion in World FarmingCompassion in World Farming

When I was asked to develop the proceedings of the Compassion in World Farming's conference in 1998 into a book I still ate meat.

As I said then in the opening note to the book, "If to be human is also to be humane, then this book faces meat eaters with stark questions about the humanity of the current system, the forces driving it and the direction we are heading". These questions still remain.

CIWF on sustainable agriculture etc

CIWF have produced a number of publications arguing their case for sustainable farming such as Eating the Planet: How we can feed the world without trashing it? and Beyond Factory Farming: Sustainable Solutions for Animals, People and the Planet